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We hope this finds you coping reasonably well during these stressful times. We want to update you on upcoming changes so you know how we are navigating these ever-changing waters.

First, we have deep-cleaned the top floor of our building. Starting Monday, April 6, this will be our new location for OB and post-partum visits as well as pediatric well visits, from newborn to five years of age.

However, we feel it best that well exams for older children be rescheduled for the time being. Please be assured that we plan to get these physicals in for your children before they are required by schools, even if we need to do them on Saturdays this summer. Similarly, our staff will be rescheduling preventative annual exams for well adults.

We continue to be here for any medical problems or concerns you may have, both new and chronic, for adults, infants, and children. Our morning office visits will be reserved for the follow-up of chronic conditions and non-contagious acute problems. In the afternoon we will be here for infectious conditions, including respiratory symptoms. We are asking patients who are ill to call us from the parking lot upon your arrival and we will call you in when your room is available.

We also now have the capability to do telehealth visits using a simple-to-use secure website, Doxy.Me, or if you prefer, over the telephone. Most insurance companies are now supporting these virtual visits so that we can offer you care when a face-to-face visit is not necessarily needed.

A member of our team will continue to screen folks at the door. To help stream-line this process and limit exposure, we ask you to please limit the number of people coming to appointments.

Finally, we urge you to stay at home unless you have to go out for essential business. Social distancing is not just for strangers; it pertains to close friends, cousins, grandparents, and others. Plan ahead so you can limit visits to the store, don’t bring your children if possible, and wear a homemade mask - one that is comfortable, to avoid the need for readjustment. Pay attention to your stress levels and remember to sleep, eat, and exercise. And call if you need us - we are here!!

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